Answer Key: U. P. Review Officer General Studies (Paper 1) 2013 Part 1

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1. Which of the following cyclones did not affect India?
a. Alia    
b. Nargis
c. Thane
d. Nilam

2. Tendulkar Committee has estimated population below poverty line in India at?
a. 27.2
b. 37.2
c. 22.7
d. 32.7

3. As per 2001 census, in which union  territory of India, literacy rate was highest?
a. Delhi
b. Chandigarh
c. Lakshadweep
d. Pondicherry

4. Match list-I with list-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

List-I                                                  List-II
a. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan                  1. 1987
b. Sakshar Bharat Mission                2. 1988
c. Operation Blackboard                   3. 2001
d. National Literacy Mission            4. 2009

             A    B    C     D
a.          3     4     1     2
b.          4     3     2    1
c.          1     2     3    4
d.          1     2     4    3

5. As per report of United Nations Development Programme published in 1990 which out of the following is not included in the calculation of Human Development Index (HDI) ?
a. Per Capita Income
b. Urbanisation
c. Literacy
d. Life Expectancy

6. Which one of the following hinders the success of process of Financial Inclusion?
a. Low income
b. Illiteracy
c. Lack of bank branches
d. All of the above

7. One of the objectives of the 11th Five Year Plan has been to reduce the poverty ratio by how much percentage points by the year 2012?
a. 2.0 %
b. 2.5 %
c. 10.0 %
d. 15.0 %

8. The year of great divide in Indian Demographic history is?
a. 1921
b. 1947
c. 1951
d. 1982

9. Which one of the following is not covered under the minimum need programme?
a. Rural water supply
b. Social Forestry
c. Elementary Education
d. Improvement of Urban Slums

10. Which one of the following is not related with environment protection?
a. Sustainable development
b. Poverty alleviation
c. Air conditioning
d. Use of paper bags

11. In which five year plan, the national rural health mission was launched?
a. Sixth
b. Ninth
c. Tenth
d. Eleventh

12. Indian model of development protects the interest of:
a. Individual
b. State
c. Both Individual and State
d. None of the above

13. The Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY) was launched on:
a. 15th March, 2009
b. 15th January, 2008
c. 15th August, 2007
d. 2nd October, 2007

14. Sustainable development is a case of inter-general sensibility in respect of the use of?
a. Natural resources
b. Material resources
c. Industrial resources
d. Social resources

15. Which one of the following was first to concentrate on human aspect of development?
a. United Nations Development Programme
b. Integrated Rural Development
c. Word Development Report
d. Community Development Programme

16. Where is Indian Diamond Institute (IDI) established?
a. New Delhi
b. Surat
c. Mumbai
d. Jaipur

17. Which of the following tribes is found in Kerala ?
a. Chenchu
b. Lepcha
c. Dafla
d. Dafar

18. Meghalaya plateau is a part of:
a. Himalayan Ranges
b. Peninsular Block
c. Eastern Ghat Mountain
d. Satpura Range

19. The biggest petro-chemical production unit is located at which of the following place?
a. Jamnagar
b. Ankleshwar
c. Numati
d. Trombay

20. If fertility and Mortality rates are equal and there is no in or out migration, there is no change in the population. This is termed as?
a. Stable Population
b. Zero Population growth
c. Dynamic Population
d. Stability of Population

21. Which of the following Iron and Steel producing centres of India is located far away from coal field?
a. Bokaro
b. Durgapur
c. Kulti-Asansol
d. Bhadrawati

23. Which of the following islands comes in the category of distant Island of Indian Coast line?
a. Bhatkal
b. Arnala
c. Minicoy
d. Hennre

24. Which port has been built to reduce the pressure of exixting Mumbai Port?
a. Ennor
b. Haldia
c. Paradip
d. Nheva Sheva (J L N Port)

25. Of the total electricity generated in India, the share of nuclear power is approximately?
a. 2%
b. 3 %
c. 4 %
d. 5%

26. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
a. Mount Abu - Aravalli hills
b. Kodaikanal - Annamalai hills
c. Ootakamund - Nilgiri Hills
d. Shimla - Pirpanjal range

27. Which is the longest river of the Peninsular India?
a. Krishna
b. Cauvery
c. Godavari
d. Mahanadi

28. The first petrolium well was bored in India at?
a. Digboi
b. Makum
c. Narkatia
d. Lakwa

29. Which one of the following ports of India is located on Odisha coast?
a. Haldia
b. Mumbai
c. Paradeep
d. Vishakhapatnam

30. The largest deposits of lignite coal in India are found in?
a. Jharkhand
b. Orissa
c. Jammu and Kashmir
d. Tamil Nadu

31. Krishna river water dispute exists between the states of?
a. Karnataka and Maharashtra
b. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
c. Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra

32. Which of the following States of India has the largest total length of state highways?
a. Gujarat
b. Rajasthan
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Maharashtra

33. In area, which one of the following countries is not larger than India?
a. Russia
b. Brazil
c. Canada
d. France

34. The first hydro-electric plant in India was established at ?
a. Darjeeling
b. Shiv Samundram
c. Mohra
d. Khopoli

35. Which one of the following coasts is related with "Kochi-port" in India?
a. Malabar coast
b. Konkan Coast
c. Coromandal coast
d. North Sarkar coast

36. Which of the following is an example of "Foot Loose" industry?
a. Oil Refinery
b. Sugar
c. Software
d. Aluminium

37. Which of the following river projects utilises the water of the Pong barrage of Beas river?
a. Indira Gandhi Canal Project
b. Pochampad Project
c. Mayurakshi Project
d. Nagarjuna Sagar Project

38. Match List - I with List - II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

              List-I                              List-II
              Place                              Confluence of river
a.     Rudra Prayag                    1. Bhagirathi-Alaknanda
b.     Nanda Prayag                   2. Alaknanda - Mandakini
c.     Karna Prayag                    3. Alaknanda - Pindar
d.     Dev Prayag                       4. Vishnu Ganga - Mandakini

                 A                B              C             D
a.             1                   3              2               4
b.             2                   4              3               1
c.             3                   2              4               1
d.             4                   1              3               2

39. Ganga River is an example of:
a. Anticedent drainage
b. Consequent drainage
c. Insequent drainage
d. Subsequent drainage

Explanation: Peninsular rivers like Godavari, Krishna etc have Consequent drainage. Himalayan rivers have anticident or inconsequent drainage pattern. Subsequent drainage is followed by tributaries like Sone, Chambal etc.

40. Which of the following countries shares longest land border with India?
a. China
b. Pakistan
c. Bangladesh
d. Nepal

41. Which of the following rivers is notorious for changes of its course?
a. Ganga
b. Kosi
c. Damodar
d. Gomti

42. Leh is located on:
a. The right bank of Jhelum river
b. The left bank of Jhelum river
c. The right bank of Indus river
d. The left bank of Indus river

43. Which of the following glaciers is the largest?
a. Siachin
b. Baltoro
c. Chogolungma
d. Biaffo

44. Which of the following states of India is devoid railway service?
a. Tripura
b. Meghalaya
c. Arunachal Pradesh
d. Mizoram

45. The "Death Valley" in South California, USA, is an example of:
a. Anticlinal valley
b. Synclinal Valley
c. Antecedent Valley
d. Rift Valley

46. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of diamond?
a. Australia
b. Venezuela
c. Russia
d. Botswana

47. When was 'speed post service' launched by the Indian Postal Department as competition to the 'Courier Service'?
a. 1988
b. 1987
c. 1989
d. 1986

48. Which crop of the following has largest percentage of irrigated area of its net sown area in India?
a. Wheat
b. Rice
c. Oil Seeds
d. Sugarcane

Explanation: Please refer CWC report.

49. In 1818 the first cotton textile mill was established in:
a. Fort Glaster in West Bengal
b. Mumbai in Maharashtra
c. Ahmedabad in Gujarat
d. Kanpur in UP

50. Konkan Railway connects:
a. Mumbai to Manmad
b. Roha to Mangalore
c. Mangalore to Kochi
d. Mumbai to Pune

51. 'Leap Forward Policy' led to starvation death of millions of people in
a. Russia
b. Vietnam
c. China
d. Germany

52. Chernobyl Nuclear disaster occurred in:
a. France
b. Vietnam
c. Ukraine
d. Germany

53. Which one of the following is suitably matched ?
a. NAG  - Anti tank Missile
b. Trishul - Surface to surface missile
c. Prithivi - Surface to Air Missile
d. Light Combat Aircraft

54. Which of the following was worst affected by tsunami in 2004 in India?
a. Pichavaram
b. Bhitarkanika
c. Muthupet
d. Nagapattinam

55. Which one of the following minerals is abundant in Kerala?
a. Tin
b. Manganese
c. Mica
d. Monazite

56. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of iron ore in the world?
a. China
b. India
c. Brazil
d. France

57.  Which one of the following is the main Cashew producing State?
a. Goa
b. Maharashtra
c. Kerala
d. Karnataka

58. Which of the following States had the highest Human Development Index 2008?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Jharkhand
c. Odisha
d. Bihar

59. Which of the following is a coral island?
a. New Moor
b. Car-Nicobar
c. Andaman
d. Lakshadweep

60. From which of the following coasts the mean sea level of India is measured?
a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Cochin
d. Vishakhapatnam

61. Which of the following is the highest peak in South India?
a. Anai Mudi
b. Doda beta
c. Mahendragiri
d. Dhupgarh

62. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
a. Bolivia - Tin
b. Brazil - Iron ore
c. Mexico - Silver
d. Peru - Gold

63. On which of the banks of the following rivers the famous temple of Badrinath is situated?
a. Alaknanda
b. Bhagirathi
c. Mandakini
d. Ganga

64. Which of the following rivers flows through a fault valley ?
a. Krishna
b. Godavari
c. Tapi
d. Kaveri

65. Which of the following woollen textile producing producing centres belongs to Germany?
a. St Petersburg
b. Wuppertal
c. Bradford
d. Prato

66. Most of the production of natural gas in India comes from?
a. Andhra Pradesh Coast
b. Gujarat coast
c. Bombay High
d. Tamil Nadu coast

Explanation: Please refer table II.12 State-wise Gross Production of Natural Gas in India of Petroleum Ministry's Report

67. Which of the following rivers is most polluted?
a. Gomti
b. Periyar
c. Damodar
d. Mahanadi

68. Bhagat Singh threw bomb in the central assembly along with:
a. Chandra Shekhar Azad
b. Sukhdev
c. Batukeshwar Dutt
d. Rajguru

69. Which of the following countries was affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012?
a. Mexico
b. Columbia
c. United States of America
d. Brazil

70. In how many years will a money double itself at the rate of 5% yearly simple interest?
a. 10
b. 15
c. 20
d. 30

71. The population of a village decreases at the rate of 20% per annum. If its population 2 years ago was 10,000, what is its present population?
a. 10,000/64            b. 7600
c. 6000                    d. 6400

72. World's largest producer of bauxite is?
a. Australia
b. Brazil
c. China
d. India

73. The state of awadh was annexed into British dominion in the year?
a. 1855
b. 1854
c. 1856
d. 1853

74. Which one of the following countries does not fall under the equatorial climate?
a. Congo
b. Ethiopia
c. Gabon
d. Zaire

75. Which of the following states occupies first position in the production of wind power?
a. Gujarat
b. Maharashtra
c. Karnataka
d. Rajasthan

76. The ports of either end of the Suez canal are?
a. Cairo and Alexandria
b. Suez and Cairo
c. Cairo and Port Said
d. Port Said and Suez

77. The mountain which forms boundary between France and Spain is:
a. Apennines
b. Alps
c. Jura
d. Pyrenees

78. Match List - I and List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

     List - I                      List - II
     (River)                        (Dam)
a. Colorado              1. Aswan
b. Damodar              2. Cariba
c. Nile                      3. Panchet hill
d. Zambezi               4. Hoover

                 A           B           C            D
a.               4            3            1            2
b.              1            2             3            4
c.              3             4             1           2
d.             1             3             4         2

79. Which country accounts for the largest share in International Trade?
a. China                 b. France
c. Germany            d. USA

80. Among the iron ore producing countries of Europe, France stands:
a. First                        b. Second
c. Third                      d. Fourth


  1. I don't think your answer for the question 26 is correct. Ootacamend is part of Nilgris