Answer Key: U. P. Review Officer General Studies (Paper 1) 2013 Part 2

81. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of wool?
a. China
b. USA
c. Australia
d. UK

Explanation: Please refer FAO statistics.

82. Which one of the countries lies south of the arctic circle?
a. Finland
b. Iceland
c. Norway
d. Sweden

83. Which country has market based locations of Iron and Steel industries?
a. China
b. India
c. Japan
d. UK

84. The blind valleys are found in?
a. Karst region
b. Arid region
c. Glaciated region
d. Tundra region

85. Match list - I and List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

       List - I                           List - II
a.   Alps                         1. Block Maountains
b. Vosges                       2. Volcanic Mountain
c. Vindhyas                   3. Folded Mountain
d. Fujiyama                   4. Relict Mountain


         A          B       C       D
a.      2          4         1       3
b.      3          1         4      2
c.       1         3        2       4
d.      1          4       3        2

86. Which of the following countries is not drained by the Nile river?
a. Chad
b. Ethiopia
c. Sudan
d. Uganda

87. In Uttar Pradesh a lion safari is being established in?
a. Balrampur
b. Mahrajganj
c. Etawa
d. Pilibhit

88. The third anglo Maratha war is associated with?
a. Sir john Shore
b. Lord Wellesley
c. Lord Hastings
d. Lord Cornwallis

89. The Uttar Pradesh Government on 24th December 2012 decided to issue card to industrialised amd industrial associates for easy access to its offices What is the name of that card?
a. Silver Card
b. Gold  Card
c. Platinum Card
d. Industrial Card

90. Match list - I and List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

       List - I (Crop)                          List - II (Region)
a.   Rubber                        1. Mauritius
b. Coffee                           2. Italy
c. Olive                             3. Columbia
d. Sugarcane                     4. Malaysia


         A          B       C       D
a.      1            2       3       4
b.      4          3         2       1
c.      4          3         1       2
d.      3          4         2       1

91. The much talked about 'God Particle' is?
a. Neutrino
b. Leptons
c. Higg's Boson
d. Mesons

92. One nanometer is: 10^-7 cm

93. The most abundant chemical element in earth crust: Oxygen

94. Sodium metal is stored by keeping it immersed in : Kerosene

95. By product of petrolium refining is: Asphalt

96. Dry ice is Solid carbon dioxide

97. Which of the following processes takes place in bio-gas plants: Fermentation

98. Protein that causes Alzheimer: Amyloid precursor protein

99. Which of the following cleans the atmosphere of many pollutants: Rain

100. Maximum quantity of element present in human body : Calcium

101. Sky appears blue because: Blue light is scattered the most

102. Mirage: Total Internal Reflection

103. Chemical used to preserve food material is: Sodium benzoate

104. Light year is unit of: Distance

105. The modern Brahmos missile Supersonic Missile like technology has been developed India in Collaboration with: Russia

106. Who of the following wrote a book on artificial scientific tools:
a. Bhoja

107.  Operation Polo is connected with Military operation in state of Hyderabad

108. Who said. "The Constituent Assembly was the congress and the congress was India"? G Austine

109. Match list - I and List - II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

       List - I                           List - II
a.   Curiosity Rover       1. Tablet
b.   Messanger               2. UAV of DRDO
c.   Rustam -1                3. Mars probe space vehicle of USA
d.   Akash-2                  4. Mercury probe


         A          B       C       D
a.      3           4         2       1

110. Parallel Government : Balia

111. The book 'Springing Tiger' is the autobiography of: Subhash Chandra Bose

112. India wins freedom: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

113. Gadar Party: U.S.A

114. Chauri Chaura - Gorakhpur

115. Read the following events:
1. Lucknow pacts
2. Champaran Satyagrah
3. Khilafat Movement
4. Jalliawala

Ans: a. 1, 2, 4, 3

116. The last king of Sikh kingdom: Dalip Singh

117. 'Common weal' paper was associated with: Annie Besant

118. The chairman of the first All India Socialist Youth Congress was: Jawaharlal Nehru

119. Indian National Congress rejected the GOI, 1935: Lucknow Session 1936

120. Politics in India has been written by: Rajni Kothari

121. Right to vote and to be elected in India is a: Legal Right

122. The amendment of the constitution can be initiated in: Either House of the Parliament

123. Which one of the following was an extremist: Bipin Chandra Pal

124. Which one of the following is not expected to promote inclusive growth: High growth rate of National Income

125. Not a Maharatna: BEL

126. As per 2001 Census, in which State of India, IMR was lowest? Kerala

127. Which one of the following is the per capita income in India at 2004-05 prices, in the year 2010-11 :: 35,993

128. Which one of the following States has started Death Census?

129. The chairman of Rajya Sabha is: Vice-President

130. Environment Protection Act: 1986

131. Committee on BPL: Suresh Tendulkar

132. In India poverty estimates are based on: Per capita expenditure 

133. Which of the following does not help in maintaining ecological balance? Deforestation.

134. Question related to Public Distribution System: 1 & 2. Ans b.

135. Public Expenditure on health in 2009-10: 1.09

136. Mid-day meal scheme: Contractors.

137. Committee on Financial inclusion: C Rangarajan

138. Sex ratio: 2011::: 943 Ans d.

139.  Decadal growth rate of population from 2001-11 is: 17.64

140. Not a social protection program: Unorganised Workers Social Security Act. (it is an act not a program)


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